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can we talk about sebastian stan’s legs for a moment?

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Hi! Random anon floating by! The way you wrote the Bucky/James prompt was soooooo amazing! You have a true gift when it comes to writing!

oh my goodness thank you so much! *blushes profusely* I don’t know what to say now. feel hugged, dear anon. I’m glad you liked it. ^^

(1) Imagine Bucky getting his hair cut professionally for the first time in 70 years. He's walking down a street and just drifts into a hairdresser's salon. When asked what he would like, he doesn't know. He could get it cut short (it would be easier, would be a fresh start) or just get it trimmed (but then is he the winter soldier or Bucky Barnes? Isn't his hair what he has left of himself?). The hairdresser laughs. she gives a suggestion, with bright eyes,

(2) and before he knows it Bucky is in a chair, the nice lady with bright eyes rubbing something that smells like heaven into his scalp, and he sighs and she laughs again and talks (he isn’t really listening) and rinses his hair with hot water (it’s been so long since he’d last felt hot water against his scalp). Bucky relaxes, like a puppy, at the feel of nimble fingers massaging his head

(3) and hot air against his neck, and soon has a fresh new haircut. He looks so happy that the nice chatty lady with the bright eyes doesn’t charge him.

So I saw this prompt and then I just had a lot of feelings and long story short, it ended with me writing something other than fragments again for the first time in virtually forever. So first of all thanks to this blog and the anon from whom the prompt came for getting my creative juices flowing again. I hope the end result has some worth and here it is:

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I think all of these characters have dark pasts. A lot of us are superheroes that didn’t choose to be. My character is a mercenary to begin with and was sort of put into the Widow program. She’s had a dark past, and she’s just beginning to discover how her past affects her when we see her in “Cap 2.” I think she’s had to dehumanize in a way, obviously, as anyone in that position does just to be able to accomplish the things that she’s had to. But now she’s like, “Wow, I actually have nightmares about this stuff.” She’s starting to realize, Wow, I’m a product of what I’ve done in some way. And I think, in “Avengers 2,” it’s about time that our past comes back to haunt us in some way –- all of us, I think, in one way or another.
Scarlett Johansson on Avengers 2 and dark pasts  [x] (via brbshittoavenge)

9/? pictures of Sebastian Stan


9/? pictures of Sebastian Stan